What Is A Blog?

Monday 26 September 2011 @ 12:43 pm

The term blog is used to describe an online record or which is often updated regularly.  Note that blogs compare highly to personal dairies with only some little variations her and there. The frequency of updating a blog varies a lot. It is possible for some blogs to be updated on a daily basis, hourly of even after a week or even a month. The term weblog is an alternative descriptive word for a blog while an update can sometimes be called a post or an entry. Blog posts are generally short pieces of writing which are mainly aimed at sharing information across a network of people such as family members, people who work together or friends. Due to the increasing popularity of this means of communication, businesses all over the world are innovating and creatively using this avenue for marketing their products and services.

Most of the blog content is written using an informal style since many people who do posting are not professional y trained writers. The writings on many blogs are rarely subject to professional editing and proof reading. Similarly, the subject in blog posts is varied but will often contain writings on particular issues of interest to the person who is writing the blog post and the target audience the writer has in mind. People tend to write about personal experiences and those relating to the human conditions or events around them.

A common feature in most personal blogs is the use of simple and clear language to express ideas and explaining facts. This feature, combined with the fact that most blog posts are usually short may explain the popularity of this way of communication. With diversification of blog writing, there has been an increase in the development and usage of corporate and business blogs as formal communication channels.

Different Ways To Establish The Impact Of A Blog

Friday 8 July 2011 @ 12:31 pm

Many people often wonder whether there is a way in which they can assess or evaluate the impact created by a particular post. This concern is mainly linked with business blogging because recently corporate entities are known to make substantial investments in the use of online social Medias such as blogging. The following section gives an overview of some of the indicators that can be used to assess and evaluate the impact of a blog. People who do blogging at a personal level will also find this information useful to them.

When you have posted a blog, it is imperative to have a specific duration in mind through which you can base your judgment or assessment on. The main indicators commonly used in assessing the impact of a blog can be classified into three categories: site usage, internet connection speeds, and traffic sources. These three main categories have individual components which are analyzed to give a comprehensive picture.

To begin with site usage, the following individual components are taken into consideration: average pages per visit, returning visitors, visitor information, page views, visits and the average time on site measured in seconds. Considering the second main indicator which is internet connection speeds, the following components are taken into account and analyzed: high speed, mobile, dial-up and other connection(s).

Referring to the third main indicator which is traffic sources, the following individual components are factored and analyzed: reffering sites, direct traffic, search engines and other sources. If data is collected relating to the indicators mentioned above and it is well synthesized, there is a highly probability that bloggers can ascertain the kind of impact a certain blog post has had.

However, comprehensive and specialized assessment tools can be developed to suit a particular need presented by an individual blogger or a business organization.