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The Difference Between A Copywriter And A Content Writer

Saturday 30 November 2013 @ 11:44 am

Writing is writing, some might say. It doesn’t matter what medium someone writes for, whether it be in print or online, as words are just that – words. However, there’s a lot more at stake when writing articles online, and that is the main difference between s copywriter and a content writer. This article aims to expound on this last statement, although all opinions are mine and mine alone.

What is Copy Writing?

A person who does copywriting has to come up with well researched and properly structured articles. This can come in the form of press releases, news, reviews, and other articles pertaining to the topic. Things like punctuation, spelling, and grammar must be top notch as this will be viewed by many people, depending on the media that it will be printed on, whether it be on magazines, newspapers, flyers, promotional materials, and the like.

What is Content Writing?

Content Writing also covers most, if not all, of the above. However, content writers have a much bigger responsibility, especially when it comes to SEO. SEO pertains to how popular a particular site or article is when it comes to search engines, and there are many rules to follow in order to improve your popularity. Things like keyword density and keyword stuffing must be known, recognized, and implemented, as any violations to SEO protocols will be penalized, resulting in less opportunities for people to see your work, as your page will be pushed farther back in the queue of relevant searches.

Thus, both content writers and copywriters are two sides of the same coin, providing relevant and interesting content to the users. Content writers, though, must be able to adhere to stricter guidelines so as to better promote their business, site, or product online. Thus, it is very important to know whom to hire if you are in need of a writer. If you simply require someone who can provide you with good articles, then copywriters are all you need. If, however, you need more specialized skills for marketing and advertising things online, then content writers with knowledge and experience in SEO are definitely what you will need.

Ethical Conduct Of Copywriters While Marketing Products

Monday 1 August 2011 @ 10:45 am

Freelance copywriters get paid for writing promotional articles of various customers. Recommendable copywriters usually specialize in one area of marketing that they are more experienced in. For example; some may be good at presenting popular events while others may outshine the rest when it comes to fashion marketing.

Copywriters should not charge clients exorbitant fees that don’t indicate kind of services being offered. It advisable to present clients with all costs at initial stages of meeting; rather than wait till contract has been signed then present hidden costs client did not expect. Copywriters should also have standard prizes that are not changed overnight; clients dislike copywriters who hike prizes after every few months without warning them in advance.

As a copywriter never use derogatory statements while addressing competing products; if client wishes to do so discuss with him/her implications of using such words so that the person may change mind. Even if one doesn’t directly mention competing brand’s name readers can easily know which company you’re representing on bad light; by so doing previous loyal customers may start to run away from you one by one. Moreover, copywriters are advised to give genuine facts about a product. Never try to exaggerate product qualities because clients will soon know that you were giving them fibs and develop a bad picture of the represented brand.

Copywriters should always keep client information confidential so as to protect their security and privacy. Nevertheless, state authorities should be provided with relevant information incase a client is being interrogated for malpractice. For example; if cops want to get article related evidence on suspected bhang dealer it is advisable to provide necessary information or else you may be charged in court for withholding evidence. In conclusion, copywriters should always conduct themselves ethically so that clients can enjoy quality services.