Tips for Selling Travel Writing Articles

Tuesday 5 July 2011 @ 12:45 pm

Travelling is a hobby to many people. Some travel for business purposes while others generally travel for pleasure. A lot of adventures are experienced in the course of the journey. People with good writing skills can use the experience attained from the trips to make money through travel writing. Read on for some tips on how to sell travel articles dedicated to the trips you make.

The travel writer is supposed to conduct research on the kind of article they are writing about. The readers are interested in certain niches and hence writers should be well informed on the topics and information the readers are interested in. You should also determine the targeted audience and where it can be found, as this will make selling the article a step easier.

Travel writing is supposed to be targeted to a certain niche. To be capable of making a great article that will sell easily, visit the location the article shall be themed. This will allow you to have some ideas on how the article can be written. Take photos and notes so that the article you write shall have a good flow.

Magazines and local dailies are among the common clients you can sell your travel writing article to. Seek an appointment with the editors and discuss your article. If it meets the standard required, you can cash on it. Journals purchase the articles for publishing in their publications.

Another option is selling the articles online. A number of blogs will gladly accept the articles if they have the required standard.

Lastly, start your own blog. Attract huge traffic into your site. Once a regular customer base has developed, put ads in the blog. Each time a client in your blog clicks on the ads, you earn a specified amount of cash. This is a suitable way of making great income from your articles.

Blog Posting Tips

Friday 27 May 2011 @ 2:19 pm

One of the best online activities that you can be involved in is blog posting. You might be involved in writing blogs as a freelance blog writer or as your full time job. The good news is that writing blogs helps in consistent flow of cash. You can convey relevant messages to your target audience through blogs. Writing blogs is fun and interesting. Furthermore, it helps in generating income. You should ensure that your blogs have quality content that can help in generating high traffic in your site. One thing that you must be aware of is how to promote the blog. There are good and ineffective methods that are used in blogging.

Provided in this article are some important tips that you should bear in mind when blog posting. An important thing that you should know about the blogs is that they are supposed to be updated regularly. The good thing about blogs is that you can use them to show your personality. It is important that you should provide good content in the blog which will attract the target audience attention. It is essential that you should use good keywords in your content. The blog domain that you are using should be easy to remember. This is important because it will make the interested readers to bookmark the site.

Another method that you can use in blog posting is to submit your blogs to a reputable blogging carnival. There are many sites that you can find which deals with articles. You can submit the blogs to a site that is dealing with your preferred topics. You may provide a link on the blogs which will help in generating high traffic. The most important thing is that you should know what the blog readers really want. This will be essential in achieving your goals.