Do’s and Don’ts in Travel Writing

Monday 26 August 2013 @ 1:08 pm

Pursuing career as a travel writer is sour as well as sweet. Confused? Read through this interesting article to convert the don’ts to do’s and dos to enhanced dos.

First Don’ts

  • Considering travel writing as a full time career can be disappointing. This is due to the facts that travel industry changes trends many times during a year. Some seasons are dull while some are peak seasons. One should keep other jobs option side by side to absorb the shocks.
  • Pre assuming things based on other writers experiences can be obstacle in the further growth of career. Many people follow the footprints of big named writers to establish view about a particular location and thus miss the opportunity to prove their excellence. This should be avoided.
  • Dependency on others for fully funding the tour can limit the areas of exploration. The writer has to write as per the desires of the sponsors and thus cannot get exposure to multiple genre of travel writing. Try spending sometimes from own pocket also.
  • Frequent traveling to various places and changes in eating habits can lead to serious health problems. For a travel niche writer a person should develop strong resistive body to defend the bad foods and climate changes.
  • Busy traveling schedule can limit the higher education desires. In order to earn more money writers spoil their career and feel deserted while switching over to other careers during recession period. Keep on enhancing education side by side.

Now Do’s

  • Travel writing career is too magnetic to resist. There is hardly any career which provides twin benefits of money with fun at one place. There is no investment to lose. Information driven job free from critical graphs & analysis.
  • Great way to create huge network of friends which can prove useful in due course of time. Strong network will also magnetize the sponsors to keep coming to the writer all through the year.
  • Easy to start this career without big degrees and certificate. Good language writing skills and creativity is the basic requirement of this job.
  • Easy to switch over from full time to part time or vice versa as per the comfort level. Travel industry is one of the booming industries of the world, thus getting jobs is easier as compared to normal jobs.

Strategies For Coming Up With Professional Travel Writing Article

Thursday 23 June 2011 @ 12:30 pm

The travel writing is an art that involves partially writing diary, reporting and provision of traveler information. There are oodles of techniques and styles applied by travel writers when accomplishing the task. Here are some of the considerations applied to attain professionalism.

Develop a strong writing technique. This implies that the article written is supposed to flow with clarity and portray the intelligence of the writer comprehensively. Using personal experiences helps you to have a clear explanation of the event you are trying to write about. The facts and grammar should be kept accurate and concise.

A smart travel writer should have ability of telling the story afresh. Recreate the story in a way such that even people who knew the story will find pleasure rereading it. Ensure to include some out of the list materials. Conduct research on information regarding your topic to increase its taste and attract more readers. Remember they are looking for more information from the article.

Include some personal views about a place you have visited and events that transpired. Ensure to bring out your personal view about the occasion. The personal voice and originality should be clear in the article.

The article should also be funny. Travelling is often full of funny and interesting things that you can include in the article. Travel writing should be funny hence don’t fret over making your reader laugh. The tone should be bright, light and lively.

Bring in some surprising contents out of the blue. You will be so much of a passive observer if you don’t include something that will stir the emotions of your reader.

The article should be well balanced. The personal descriptions, observations and commentary are supposed to be blended well with hard facts to avoid boring the reader. This also helps in making your point stronger.