Unbeatable Tips To Be A Travel Writer

Thursday 4 August 2011 @ 11:51 am

Perhaps you are a travelling maniac; either for business or pleasure. Whatever the reasons for travelling does not matter. The fact remains you can pocket some extra cash through travel writing. The art is simple. You are writing about what you enjoy doing. A travel writer observes unfolding events in the course of the journey and then comes with an informative article that would make the readers feel like they were apart of the trip. The following are strategies followed by professional writers.

Listen to the way visitors and other people will be talking. Identify the humorous and educative quotes from other persons in the trip. Jot them down and incorporate them in the articles you shall write. An interesting quote can give life to the article making the reader feel the like a member of the events that took place.

Identifying the targeted audience of the information you will be writing is another important thing to consider.  The article can be meant for people in a certain profession or an age group. This affects the language to be used. If the article is not meant for the professionals, technical language should be avoided to allow the unseasoned in the industry understand the information. Targeted audience will also determine the depth of details the travel writer should go into.

Think from the perspective of your reader. A travel writer seeing things from the perspective of the reader has ability of developing an article that is tailored to suit the needs of the reader.  The writers will have the general information on the way the readers would like the articles written and information they want.

Steps To Help You Do Professional Travel Writing

Wednesday 15 June 2011 @ 12:31 pm

It is not always easy to do professional travel writing but it is possible to become excellent as long as you are patient. There are many people who are making good money through travel articles. Advanced technology has made it easy to work in this field. This allows you to travel to any part of the world and write interesting articles which are easy market. Here are some steps that will ensure you become a professional travel writer:

  • Take your time to plan because you need more apart from choosing an excellent destination. Its up to you decide topics to write on and make sure that will attract interest of many readers. This means that you may visit a good place and end up with poor articles if you have not planned properly.
  • Make sure that you read a lot and write as much as you can. You can learn tips from other travel writers by reading their articles. Always be ready to scribble down anything that you will you find interesting any time and anywhere. This will make you a professional writer and make your work interesting and original.
  • Choose what you want to write as a travel writer. It can be for travel blogging and travel magazines. You can also choose to write a guide book or a travel narrative. They are a bit different and that allows you to choose where your interests suit.
  • As a professional travel writer, you need to have great writing skills. This will make your readers want to experience or visit places you are talking about. This will help you rise to higher level in travel writing.
  • Always look out for any opportunity to travel to an interesting place. You should be ready to take risks because in travel writing you need to do things. Make time to travel and you will get the exposure you need to succeed in this writing area.