How To Write Effective Product Description for eCommerce Sites

Thursday 1 August 2013 @ 12:47 pm

It can be difficult to write product descriptions that boost your sales as well as good for Search Engines. Your product descriptions should inform your potential customers about all the features of the product while drawing attention and perusing buyers to buy the services and products from you as well as contain the keywords that your customers are using to search for the product. The description should be written with specific needs of a customer in mind also keeping the competitors in mind.

Increase Copy Writing Proficiency

A proficient copywriter should use different angles of the product while describing the product based on a different target audience. Your visitors might be looking for a product with a specific need in mind. You should analyze your audience as well as target market to find out which specific area of the product needs to be highlighted for which group of visitors, and keeping segments for different audiences will increase the chances of a sale. The writer should edit and correct all grammatical and spelling mistakes. Also avoid too complex words or sentences so that the majority of the visitors would understand clearly what you are stating.

Writing a Detailed Product Description

If you are selling a product through your website which needs detailed description such as selling software, your product descriptions should be written describing the broad range of services the product offer in details. Describing all features, full benefits, and all angles of the product should be the key.  It should also contain all the relevant keywords, phrases to make the product visible and rank higher on the Search Engine result page, as well as reinforce your prospective buyers. It should also answer all possible questions a potential customer might have, emphasizing on the specific needs of the product and offering solutions to business needs.

Creating an Eye Catcher

Product description writing should begin with an eye catcher for visitors focusing on the keywords that potential customers are looking for as well as some catchy phrase or short descriptions of the benefits of the product. Use as many supporting details as possible along with some high resolution clear pictures that show your product from various angles to convince your potential buyers that this is exactly what they need.

Tips For Product Description Writing Like Professionals

Wednesday 3 July 2013 @ 2:12 pm

Any website that wants to sell more products as well as want to be visible on the search result page needs good product descriptions optimized for the Search Engines. Writing descriptions like a professional is not that hard if you follow few simple rules of product description writing. It not only sells a better product by catching the attention of the visitors, but also gives better search results by improving your Search Engine Optimization efforts. The below are some tips that will help with your product description writing.

Organize Your Hard Work

Start with products that need your immediate attention. For example the product that is supposed to be seasonal and will sell immediately needs the descriptions right away. If it is spring season, for example, and you are writing descriptions for shoes, start with sandals rather than boots. Your copy should also target the specific needs of the customers optimized with the keywords that they are using to search your products by.

Kill Two Birds with One Description

When you write a description and you have another product that is almost the same as the other one, paste the same description but make some changes in the description so that you are not penalized by Google for writing duplicate content. Using some synonyms such as “tote” for “bag” and adding some fresh sentences should do the trick.

Avoid Dull Sentences

Do not write copy that look clumsy made with words that do not make any sense. Your copy should be written to stand out with grace. Also write with descriptions that highlight the features of the product. Instead of writing sentences “like these shoes are nice for spring” describe the product like writing descriptions  such as “great shoes for dancing, comfortable for leisurely walks on the seaside ” etc. Nice could mean a number of things and it does not describe any feature of the product. Also avoid using words like “best” and “perfect” as these words do not describe any important feature. Making bullet points for important details such as what it is made of, what are the measurements, what are the important features is also a good practice.

Be Creative With Product Description Writing

Wednesday 9 November 2011 @ 10:55 am

We have all been there, browsing a website to purchase an item, only to find that it provided only the name of the item and the price. There is nothing more frustrating than having a lackluster amount of information to make your purchase decision off of. Do you know if it will fit? No. Do you know if it will match the color of your room? No, not without a product description that will go hand in hand with the photograph that has dotted the website. Well, product description can solve that, product description writers transform facts and photos of any given product and turns it into an easy to read and mildly entertaining method of ensuring that any one product is perfect for you.

This is why companies take product description writing so seriously these days, to help give them an edge against a competition that might not be quite so savvy as they are. Businesses around the world are now beginning to understand that having a product description that is detailed can help to bring them above their competition. Not only has it become absolutely essential in the world of Internet shopping, it is now setting the standard of how businesses promote their products on the world wide web. With the popularity of shopping online booming, rather than having to drive to the store, you’re now becoming more efficient. Making those purchases that is just a click away. However, you are now expecting product descriptions to be creative, full, and to provide you with the information that you need to make your decision.

One of the things to remember is that there are good quality product descriptions and poor product descriptions. A good quality product description writer knows how to combine the technical with creative or entertaining writing. While a poor writer will focus too hard on one or the other, both of which can be extremely detrimental. So, it is easier to find a product description writer who has the best of both worlds and will follow instructions to the letter. If you aren’t wanting to create your own product descriptions, you can hire out to a company like Niche Writers who knows how to provide their customers with the best possible product descriptions that will fit their websites services and products.

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