Why Travel Writing Is Different From Novels?

Tuesday 6 August 2013 @ 12:32 pm

In many aspects Travel Writing is different from Novels. But we discuss here the simpler and obvious one. From a writer point of view there are lot of similarities and common things too. If we talk about from a reader point of view then in novels author writes his/her thoughts and inside beauty (and sometimes dread) but in travel book, author talks (talk is more appropriate word here than write) about the actions he/she performs.

In travel books nobody have concern about what you did or whatever you did. Reader enjoys the situations either author talking about a waterfall or tiger assault. But in novel, reader wants to know about things, these can be romance, revenge or anything.

The Basic Difference

The most basic difference between these two genres of writing is, travel book consists of reality, real people, real events and their occurrence while novel consists of fictional characters and unreal events. There might be some resemblance between a novel and real world. But that is just coincidence.

Another difference is novel circle around a plot, even if novel is a part of series than two different episodes revolves around same plot or story. In other the ending of a novel based upon the starting of it. But all this changes in travel book, even two consecutive paragraphs might tell you different story. So, we can say that a travel book is much more unpredictable than the novels. A travel book might have no connection between the starting and ending of it, we can say the same about even for two chapters of it.

“Travel Novel” is a different term, which is the mixture of these two diverse genres. A travel novel consists of a story (might be fictional or non-fictional) which circle around an adventure. It focuses around the real or imaginary places. It might consist of romance or revenge. So we can say that this genre allows author to write with more freedom and less accuracy.

A travel book can be published in form of blogs but a novel lacks this abilities. If you do so, novel will lose its tempo and attention.

Four Ways That Can Be Used To Make Money In Travel Writing

Thursday 2 June 2011 @ 11:56 am

There are many travel writers who would want make money from their work. However, this is not easy for them especially if they do not know how to do it. It is easy when you know the right ways to do it. Travel writing provides readers an opportunity to learn about the world and this means that the writer deserves to make an income out of it. Below are four ways that you can use to make money as a travel writer.

Traditional method – There is traditional methods that most people have using to sell their travel articles. This means selling your work to newspapers and magazines and it does not pay much. It is possible to find travel magazines as long as you are a skilled travel writer. They want articles of high standard. It is a risky way to sell your articles and payment is no guaranteed.

Blogging – It is possible to sell travel articles to people who have blogs related to this subject. Blogs always need new content to keep them popular in the internet. Most people are willing to pay writers to provide them with good quality articles everyday. This gives you an opportunity to make money.

Setting up your own blog – You can also start you own blog and write travel articles to ensure high ranks in search engines all the time. Many people are looking for information on places to visit and enjoy great adventures.

Working on writing projects – This is easy and all you need is to set up an account which will show that you can provide content related to travel writing. You will be amazed that there are many people looking for content writers who can give the perfect articles on travel subject. This will give you a good income which will help you travel; as much as you need to.