Things That Every Article Writer Must Do

Friday 11 October 2013 @ 9:50 am

Writing an article is not easy. Not everyone has the talent to compose a good paragraph let alone write an entire article. Even a good article writer may have an off day when he finds it hard to finish an article and it takes him hours to compose a couple of words. In writing an article, there are several things that you need to remember. Here are some of those things.

Write an outline

This should always be your first step in writing an article. You will need a good outline in order to have a guide in writing an article. With an outline you are able to organize your thoughts better and arrange your article in a way that it is presented systematically. An article outline will allow you to keep your thoughts and be able to put it on paper without forgetting anything. An online is your article’s structure ad foundation and just like any stable structure, the foundation has to be solid a good article outline is a must.

Create a good opening

Writing is a lot like any performance art. You will need to captivate your audience from the beginning in order to get them to listen to you. This is why it is a must to have a good opening statement to begin you article with. Your opening statement in most cases will determine whether your article is interesting for your readers or not. Furthermore, opening sentences are often shown on search results so readers can take a sneak peek on what they can read on your articles. That makes it very important to have a good opening statement.

Be credible

A good article is something that is written in a credible tone. To do that you will need to do a little research regarding your articles. You do not need to experience everything first hand and in most cases you will be writing about something you have limited knowledge of but doing a little research is a must in order to give accurate information. Do not claim o be an authority on something if you are not but t least be credible.

Freelance Article Writing Made Simple

Thursday 22 March 2012 @ 11:21 am

With the world expanding from the physical world and into the Internet, it is now easy as pie to become a freelance article writer. However, with the opportunity now available, people are going to want to try and simplify the process. Well, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind when thinking of taking on article writing. First, the mechanics that are essential for creating articles are things like spelling and grammar. Without these two things, no amount of creativity will help your article to flow well for the readers you are writing for. While you may now be regretting having not listened to your English teacher, there is little to worry about.

Between familiarizing yourself with your local language, a thesaurus, and a dictionary it is possible for you to overcome any lack of finesse you may have with writing. Not in to keeping these on hand? Most writing software has this pre-programmed to aid you in creating the best possible articles without having to lug around a tons weight worth of books. Remember, one of the easiest things to do while you’re writing your article is to hit that spell check or grammar check button once or twice throughout, and at least one last time after you have finished the entirety of your article.

I think one of the more difficult parts of simplifying freelance article writing, is teaching someone how to be creative. Tapping into your inner muse is an absolute must if you have any hope of writing an engaging article that will have your reader’s eyes moving until the final word. Overall, it is simple enough, if you have trouble finding your grove with writing, pop on your favorite music or add a little inspirational background noise.

Lastly, you are going to want to find a company that will back you in your endeavor. While it is possible to find people to buy your articles outright, it is always best to find a company like Niche Writers to stand at your back. Typically, they will help to get the clients in touch with you, the writer. With the process of working together, a place like Niche Writers will help to groom their writers into top-notch content creators.