The Difference Between A Copywriter And A Content Writer

Saturday 30 November 2013 @ 11:44 am

Writing is writing, some might say. It doesn’t matter what medium someone writes for, whether it be in print or online, as words are just that – words. However, there’s a lot more at stake when writing articles online, and that is the main difference between s copywriter and a content writer. This article aims to expound on this last statement, although all opinions are mine and mine alone.

What is Copy Writing?

A person who does copywriting has to come up with well researched and properly structured articles. This can come in the form of press releases, news, reviews, and other articles pertaining to the topic. Things like punctuation, spelling, and grammar must be top notch as this will be viewed by many people, depending on the media that it will be printed on, whether it be on magazines, newspapers, flyers, promotional materials, and the like.

What is Content Writing?

Content Writing also covers most, if not all, of the above. However, content writers have a much bigger responsibility, especially when it comes to SEO. SEO pertains to how popular a particular site or article is when it comes to search engines, and there are many rules to follow in order to improve your popularity. Things like keyword density and keyword stuffing must be known, recognized, and implemented, as any violations to SEO protocols will be penalized, resulting in less opportunities for people to see your work, as your page will be pushed farther back in the queue of relevant searches.

Thus, both content writers and copywriters are two sides of the same coin, providing relevant and interesting content to the users. Content writers, though, must be able to adhere to stricter guidelines so as to better promote their business, site, or product online. Thus, it is very important to know whom to hire if you are in need of a writer. If you simply require someone who can provide you with good articles, then copywriters are all you need. If, however, you need more specialized skills for marketing and advertising things online, then content writers with knowledge and experience in SEO are definitely what you will need.

Why You Should Hire Copywriting Services For Your Website

Friday 18 October 2013 @ 11:49 am

Once you have set up a website and would like it to be more popular, simply spamming other people with your URL will not cut it. At worst, you would develop a bad reputation and would be avoided even more than ever. The best strategy is to find a perfect keyword or keywords that pertain to your site, and develop content that will cause search engines to rank you higher as compared to competitors once users search for a particular phrase or term. There are many ways to go about this, although the bulk of the job goes to copywriters and the submission of relevant and SEO friendly content.

Why Should You Hire Copywriting Services?

Copywriting services are experts when it comes to writing unique, informational, and relevant articles that can act as content for your website, or can be used to increase your search rankings. They can come in the form of news, press releases, reviews, or blog articles that can lead readers towards your site. SEO algorithms love sites that are referenced from multiple sources, although these engines are much more complicated than that. There are also rules to follow, and copywriters are capable of adhering to these policies as long as they have been set from the start. Professional content providers will assure quality work and are capable of churning out hundreds of articles based on your specifications as well as your budget.

Can You Do This Yourself?

Although writing is something that essentially anyone can do, business owners are much better off focusing on the operational side of things. This type of campaign is much better handled by marketing departments, that would in turn coordinate with SEO consultants. These consultants would not only help you come up or acquire the services of writers that will provide you with content, but they will also be the ones helping you build up your links. They will also be able to show you improvements on a day to day basis, so you would know how your campaign is faring out. Prices and performance vary from provider to provider, so make sure that you shop around before hiring copywriters and other SEO services for your particular needs.