Understanding The Challenges In Blogging

Friday 2 September 2011 @ 12:07 pm

Despite the successes and advances that have been achieved in the use of web blogging, there exist some challenges which affect blogging. Many of this challenge can be looked at in their own unique way or collectively. To start, bloggers in different places around the world some times have to contend with the problem of slow internet connectivity. This can partly be occasioned by the use of low bandwidth connectivity. For some regions, internet connectivity may not exist at all. Bloggers living in such regions will often struggle with this challenge. It is important to point out that though many regions are adopting the use of fiber optic internet connectivity, the impacts of this adoption may take time for the benefits to trickle down to personal bloggers who do not enjoy the advantages of internet connectivity at work places, schools or at home.

In the recent past, changing government policy has negatively affected web blogging. A case is in point is the recent people driven revolution that occurred in Egypt resulting in the ousting of the long serving president of that country. Taking into account how blogging and the use of online social Medias contributed to he success of that revolution in Egypt and Tunisia, many leaderships especially those in the Arab states have restricted the use of blogging and other online social media in an attempt to avert mass actions coordinated using such Medias. A similar situation occurred during the aftermath of the disputed Iranian and Kenyan elections sometimes back.

Cost is another challenge that affects blogging today. In some places, the initial cost of getting internet connectivity is prohibitive to many. As a result, some bloggers have resulted to use of the available options including the use of mobile handsets to blog. Finally, bloggers are finding themselves writing for other blogs. This is a challenge on its own.

Tips On How To Start A Blog Of Your Own

Saturday 27 August 2011 @ 11:10 am

If you are wondering on how you can get started and have your own blog, there is no reason to worry any more. Here are some practical tips to get you started towards having a blog. The first thing a person intending to have a blog of their own should do is finding a suitable blog host and opening an account. There are many blog hosts one can choose from but let us mention just a few of them: about.com blogging, blogger.com or wordpress.

By opening an account, you will have successfully created your own profile and what you need to do from this point is to do some research on the issues which interest people. It is advisable that you find a unique subject which can attract the attention of potential visitors. By identifying a unique subject, you will create a niche for yourself. Compared to writing on what others are writing about, creating a niche can help you to stand out among others and be easily noticed.

After clearly establishing the subject you will be writing about, it is important that the person who is beginning to write their blog to know that blogging is an activity which needs some considerable amount of time for it to be done well. To a good post, you will need to take your time to research and collect new ideas which will attract visitors to your blog. At this point, you need to clearly know when you have good concentration to write and set it aside.

At this point you can start writing and post your writings. You ought to be slow but steady in your blog writing at first. Put your mind and resources into building your blog writing skills until you gain enough confidence then concentrate on building traffic to your blog.

Tips For Successful Business Blogging

Wednesday 17 August 2011 @ 12:14 pm

Advances in blog writing have proven that this is a reliable communication channel that can help businesses to meet certain important objectives. Although blogging has been mainly used in promotional activities, there are other business areas in which blogging can be used to enhance productivity and efficiency. Here is a brief overview of these areas and tips on how to make blogging efficient. With proper planning, blogging can be effective in enhancing internal communications. Effective communication between the management and employees can significantly improve productivity since it eliminates most of the barriers associated with bureaucratic communication processes in mega organizations. Blogging is also fast when compared to vertical communication in large organizations.

Another way of increasing efficiency in a business by using blogging is to collect feedback from employees and using it for constructive purposes. There has been a great emphasis on relying or acting on feedback posted by product or services users compared to that got from employees. By doing this, consumer product strategists will realize that this feedback also adds value to the business in the long term.

When blogging is used with other social media such a social booking and the use of social network based platforms such as face book and micro blogging platforms such as twitter will achieve greater results than blogging alone. Similarly, impressive results can be achieved by enhancing blog posts with images or short video or audio messages since they can be supported in blogs. By this, business will be able to engage their audiences better compared to others which have not considered doing this.

It is equally important for businesses to understand that blogging is time consuming and that it is an ongoing process. A lot has to be done before getting a suitable post. It is therefore advisable for businesses to hire a blogger who demonstrates excellent understanding of the businesses core products or services and who has a flair for writing about them.