Peeks On How Blogging Has Changed Over Time

Saturday 30 July 2011 @ 10:17 am

Blogging has over the years evolved from being a communication channel for people in closely linked networks to a fully fledged formal communication. In the past, blogging was mainly a personal thing. People would post blog spots mainly to keep others updated on the things they have accomplished in their recent past, things they are currently doing and things that plan to do in the near future. During earlier times, blogging was mainly considered as a hobby, so few people were actually deeply involved in blogging. Blog spots mainly contain limited interpersonal communication, photos and personal opinions about particular things of interest to the blogger

Overtime, the world has witnessed a dramatic increase in internet connectivity, a factor which has led to increase the popularity of blogging as a communication channel. With this development, blogging took a new dimension in that people from distant locations would easily communicate with others from distant places. So, blogging has evolved to a point that it has been able to transcend common communication hurdles posed by barriers such as high costs and long distances.

Blogging today has changed a lot compared to what it was when its use began. Currently, blogging has become a professional activity in some countries. It is common to find professional bloggers who work on a fulltime basis to provide clients with different blog writing services. Apart from this new development, there are entrepreneurs who have identified blog writing as a business opportunity and have designed courses to offer training on successful blogging.

It is noteworthy to mention that businesses world over have taken note of  the benefits of blogging  and currently use it for doing product and services promotion, brand marketing, market  analysis by utilizing feedbacks from visitors to their blogs, to enhance online market surveys and strengthening internal communication processes.