Tips For Generating Traffic For A Blog

Thursday 11 August 2011 @ 11:21 am

Many bloggers are usually concerned by the traffic generated by their blog posts. This applies to both the experienced and the less experienced bloggers. This concern is founded on the fact that if a blog does not have many visitors, it technically does not have any meaning to the blogger or those who pay for the blog to exist. Here are some tips that can be used to increase traffic to a certain blog.

Bloggers should be keen on the kind of titles they assigned to their blog post. A good blog post title should be one that catches the attention of the audience easily. This is because the average time spent by many people on a particular page on the internet is not long. Bloggers should use their knowledge of the contemporary situations to come up with attractive titles. It is of great benefit for the blogger to do their blog writing when they are able to concentrate well; in situations where blog writing is done under duress and distracting situations, the blogger may fail to come up with a catchy title for the BlogSpot.

Bloggers should also be keen to draw attention to their articles by making their articles highly visible. There are creative and innovative ways for doing this; for example, by making the headings bold, using a large font size or using a font style that makes the headings visible. Caution should however be taken to avoid exaggeration as this can be repulsive to potential visitors to the blog.

Additionally, bloggers can use short lists instead of lengthy descriptions in order to save space. Another useful thing to do is to write the Blog using simple language, so avoid jargon words. The paragraphs should be concise but informative to the audience. Enhance your post using images, video or audio messages; this can be linked to other social media platforms.

Things To Do When Writing For Another Blog

Saturday 6 August 2011 @ 10:40 am

Bloggers who are beginning to writing may find that there is a need to build a name for themselves and be recognized among a group of bloggers who write about a particular subject. For some of the experienced bloggers, they could be motivated by the same factors or the need to make some extra money either as a side job or a full time job. Experienced bloggers find it enticing to work with other blog which offer good financial rewards to them especially when they do not generate a lot through their own blogs.

Most bloggers who have just started blog writing and need to build a name for themselves can choose to be guest bloggers with another blog. Usually, bloggers will often be attracted to blogs which have established good traffic so that it can serve to introduce them to a wider audience. To increase the chances of fulfilling their target, guest bloggers should try their level best to write quality posts. So they need to maintain great interest and continuously do good research about their subject area.

While writing for another blog either as an employee or as guest blogger, bloggers will find it useful to link their blog posts to their own blogs. This will work to their advantage in that it will increase their web visibility with little effort on their part. Similarly, when a blogger is working for another blog, they should make an effort to interact with others and learn from them about blogging in another subject. It is highly probable that a blogger will mostly write about a particular subject in their own blog.

Since guest blogging is commonly used as a way one enhancing one’s blog writing skills, bloggers should take advantage of the opportunity availed to them in identifying and creating new niches to promote their success.

Peeks On How Blogging Has Changed Over Time

Saturday 30 July 2011 @ 10:17 am

Blogging has over the years evolved from being a communication channel for people in closely linked networks to a fully fledged formal communication. In the past, blogging was mainly a personal thing. People would post blog spots mainly to keep others updated on the things they have accomplished in their recent past, things they are currently doing and things that plan to do in the near future. During earlier times, blogging was mainly considered as a hobby, so few people were actually deeply involved in blogging. Blog spots mainly contain limited interpersonal communication, photos and personal opinions about particular things of interest to the blogger

Overtime, the world has witnessed a dramatic increase in internet connectivity, a factor which has led to increase the popularity of blogging as a communication channel. With this development, blogging took a new dimension in that people from distant locations would easily communicate with others from distant places. So, blogging has evolved to a point that it has been able to transcend common communication hurdles posed by barriers such as high costs and long distances.

Blogging today has changed a lot compared to what it was when its use began. Currently, blogging has become a professional activity in some countries. It is common to find professional bloggers who work on a fulltime basis to provide clients with different blog writing services. Apart from this new development, there are entrepreneurs who have identified blog writing as a business opportunity and have designed courses to offer training on successful blogging.

It is noteworthy to mention that businesses world over have taken note of  the benefits of blogging  and currently use it for doing product and services promotion, brand marketing, market  analysis by utilizing feedbacks from visitors to their blogs, to enhance online market surveys and strengthening internal communication processes.

Making Money Through Blog Writing

Saturday 23 July 2011 @ 10:38 am

Blog writing is a popular online business that is helping writers to generate good income. The bad news is that there are competent writers who are not aware of how they can generate income through writing blogs. The good news is that you can make money using blogs even if you are not a website owner. Writing blogs will help you generate income within a very short duration. The good thing about blogs is that they help in generating traffic to a site. Blog posting is done on a certain site which in turn starts benefiting from high traffic.

This article will help in providing some tips that can help your blog in generating traffic. This is a good strategy that will help the blog writer to generate income. The first method that is used by bloggers is pay per every click. This is a method where search engines like Google provide you with a place for an advert. The online user usually searches for a specific keyword and your advert appears on the search engine results. There will be high traffic in your site when the user clicks the advert. You should know that every click is charged.

Another method that you can use to make money in blog writing is affiliate marketing. It is an effective strategy of making money by promoting products in your blogs. You are supposed to make blog post and provide links to a particular site in your blog. If someone clicks the link, she/he goes to the site that you are promotion. This is a strategy that helps sites to generate high traffic. Affiliate marketing is a method that will help in making cash using your blogs. One thing that you will definitely love about blogs is that they help in generating cash regularly.

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