How To Create A Great Avenue/Site For The Visitors And Potential Customers

Monday 7 October 2013 @ 1:22 pm

Building a well functional and attractive site to compete with the competitors is a challenge. But you can win the race by doing some of the tricks on your site.

Here are some of the tips which will be given to you, be sure that your site follows all of them:

  • Go to full throttle, advertise your site on social media, and use every weapon you can. Start a poll or some kind of contest to get visitor attention.
  • If there is any “under construction” or “coming soon” note on your site, remove that.
  • Custom error pages are easy to make and they help a lot to gain visitor attention, have you ever seen Google error page?  That makes a positive impression on the visitor. So, you make your own, for this purpose use tutorials from web.
  • If your site is relatively big and it is not possible to navigate to all pages from a single page then it is better for your site if you add site maps to your site. It will also help site to visible on search engines.
  • Regularly check links on the site, remove dead or in active links as soon as possible. It is also better to update links with fresh ones.
  • It is important to add user friendly menu and navigation. Sometime there are lot and lot of features on a site to get the visitor’s attention, but they missed navigation.
  • Don’t add visitor counter to your site, sometime it helps but mostly it put negative impression on visitors.

Beside the tips we already discussed, there are some important thing you should consider about site.

Some Tips about Hosting

  • Use best hosting service, the server and hosting speed varies from host to host. So, choose the best available option. It is obvious that anyone doesn’t want to put his/her visitors in unnecessary wait.

Check your site performance on regular bases. Search and observe internet, different topics and forums to make your e-commerce site better. Monitor your site activity in a time interval and then observe again after changes.

How To Design And Write The Best Website Content

Friday 3 June 2011 @ 11:27 am

There are so many companies which offer web content and product description writing. These companies act as brokers where they get jobs from business companies which want content and then assign these jobs to content writers they have employed. With the increased technology, companies are competing hence a competitive market for their products. This calls for need to have a good content on their website so as to attract customers.

To come up with good stuff for the website, a content writer should take into account the requirements of the website he is writing for. He should keenly follow the instructions given to avoid writing irrelevant information. He should apply his unique writing skills so that he comes up with a catchy article to make sure there are many followers to this website.

The beginning part of the article determines whether the viewer will read the article or not. Most content writers have preferred to introduce their articles with questions. This has proved to be good bait attracting many viewers. The question should be framed in such a way that the viewer will want to read the whole article to get the answers to this question.

It is good for the content writer to properly and clearly arrange his article in such a way that ideas follow each other in a logical manner. You should have a good introduction and then have paragraphs below it. Each paragraph should at least have an idea it is expressing.

The content writer should use simple language which should be easy to use and understand. The language should be straight forward so that it easy even for the common people. You should keep in mind the title of the article to avoid giving out wrong and irrelevant information.