Understanding SEO and Article Writing

Friday 9 August 2013 @ 11:16 am

Writing is a very important skill that most Internet marketers need. Internet marketing has a lot of facets and one of the most important facets is article writing for search engine optimization or SEO. There are a lot of SEO techniques for effective Internet marketing and one of those ways is to write articles that contain keywords. Those keywords are the same ones that were used by the searcher to look for information on the web. An SEO tool was used to determine those keywords and thus should be incorporated into an article in order to make it relevant and rank higher on search results. To be a successful SEO writer, you must keep in mind several things and here are some of them.

Understand what SEO is

To be effective in writing an article for SEO you must first understand how SEO works. The aim of search engine optimization is to make a webpage rank higher on search results in order to drive traffic. That is primarily done to satisfy the criteria used by the search engines in ranking the webpages. The main requirement is to be relevant to the keywords that were used to search for the web pages.

Choose your niche

An important aspect of SEO writing is the ability to write articles base on your niche or topics. You must first choose the niche you want to write about and stick to it. You must be able to familiarize yourself about your niche so a little research is a must. Your articles must be relevant so you must do your best to do that.

Follow instructions

Due to the complicated nature of SEO it is important for SEO writers to write their articles by following instructions exactly as it is given and that include using the right keywords. That also includes using the keyword at the exact number of times that you are told. Using the keywords too much may be read as keyword spamming by the search engine and that could cause a lot of bad things for the webpage including a ban or a reduced ranking.

Basic Article Writing Tips and Guidelines

Tuesday 1 May 2012 @ 12:35 pm

Before you start your quest in bringing in thousands of customers into your webpage or site, it’s important to learn some of the basic article writing tips that will successfully improve your visibility and ranking in search engines. Article marketing techniques will also involve looking for the right places and opportunities to display your articles and invite more people to visit your site. There are a number of fundamental steps that will help you create the most interesting and content-rich articles as well as improve your reputation in the marketplace. Start by identifying the type of customers who will mean the most to your business. These individuals are generally the people who relate well with your available information, products and services. Your article submission efforts should be based on their current demands and needs.

Article marketing also requires the article writer to provide factual and accurate information that isn’t readily available in other places. One of the main strategies to set yourself apart from the competition is to offer fresh and new content and articles every now and then. Some experts say that you need to write one article over the next 1 to 3 months to have a lot of information to offer. You can then provide links and posts that will direct and entice more people to continue reading. These articles can spread online using different platforms, social media tools and internet sites. Use the proper approach for article writing that will drive the most number of customers in the shortest period of time. Article writing will also require you to use both online and offline publishing options to reach the most number of potential clients. Do not forget to use article directories and incorporate the proper keywords that will improve your presence and visibility in search engine results.