A Guide to SEO Article Writing

Tuesday 16 July 2013 @ 12:36 pm

There are a lot of ways to earn some cash on the Internet. Marketing on the Internet has evolved throughout the years and article writing has become a very important tool for Internet marketers thus giving article writers an opportunity to earn a living on the World Wide Web. There are actually several things you need to remember in writing an article for SEO or search engine optimization. Here are some of those important things.

Learn to follow instructions

One of the most important things you need to remember in composing an article for SEO is to strictly follow instructions. The goal of SEO is to land the webpage on the top of the search results. To do that, it has to pass several qualifications in order for the search engine to see it as very relevant to certain keywords that were use to search for the information on the web. Search engines like Google and Yahoo also have filters to check for those contents which are posted in order to cheat or trick its criteria for ranking the WebPages. This is why it is very important for articles to be written base on specific instructions in order to avoid those filters which may cause a webpage to be banned at the same time improve the page’s rankings.

Use the right keywords

Closely related to the one mentioned above is the use of proper keywords. This is very important in SEO writing since the keywords are the ones that were used by the searcher to find the information on the Internet. It is also the same string of words that would determine primarily if the article is related to the keywords or not. Search results ranking is primarily determined by the keywords. You would also adhere to the prescribed keyword count since going over it may render the article as guilty of keyword spamming and lower the prescribed number will make the article irrelevant.

Stick to your topic

Lastly, you must stick to your topic and write appropriate as well as relevant articles. You cannot just put together a series of words and use the keyword several times. Your article must completely make sense and be relevant with information regarding the topic otherwise it may be reported as spam.

How To Stay Healthy As An Article Writer

Tuesday 16 August 2011 @ 11:06 am

Being an article writer is interesting and you can easily get carried away and remain glued on your computer screen everyday. This makes you lose the good habits of a healthy lifestyle. Below are some points that will ensure that you stay healthy even when you are busy with article writing:

  • Make sure that you keep your body healthy by setting aside some time to do exercises. Do not feel tempted to write more as you sit down because it’s not good at for your health. This will also refresh your mind and make you even more creative which means quality articles.
  • Watch what you eat and stay away from any unhealthy snacks. Most article writers spend their time sitting which means that they do not need too many calories. Article writing can make you fail to make a healthy meal. Set aside enough time to make your food for everyday before you start writing.
  • Sitting all day long can make your body ache and even make you spirit feel very low. Stand up and stretch after every few hours. You can also do some yoga exercises this will help to raise your spirit and help your mind relax too.
  • Take a short walk and leave the computer for sometime. You can visit a friend or go to your nearest store. Enjoy some sunshine everyday and do other things that you find interesting.
  • Get enough rest everyday. This means that you should sleep for at least eight hours every night. Working at night can make your mind sluggish and end up writing poor quality articles.
  • Make sure that you spend quality time with your loved ones. This will make you a happy article writer and you can think widely. Stop writing some times and talk to your spouse and kids. This will keep you healthy and make you a great writer.

Great Tips For Beginners In Article Writing

Friday 5 August 2011 @ 10:10 am

Article writing is used to increase traffic in websites. This makes a business be felt on the internet and has led to high demand of articles. This can give you a golden opportunity to make a good income. You do not need much training for you write articles and you can learn the tips on your own. Taking the first step to start article writing can be hindered by fear of making mistakes. Below are some tips that will help you in article writing as a beginner and see you become successful in the field:

  • Speak loudly as you write. Pretend that you are talking to your friend. This can be on any chosen topic; and with time you will feel comfortable in writing. It also boosts your confidence which is essential in writing.
  • Use a timer to see what you can write within a given time. This gives you a chance to write all that’s in your mind; and with time, you will become a fast writer. You can also make a list and then use to make content.
  • In your computer there is a word processing system that can assist you in checking spelling mistakes. This will ensure that your articles are readable and interesting without any distractions.
  • When writing about topics that you do not understand properly, take your time to do some research. You can do this online or in your local library. This will help you get accurate and quality content which is essential for every article writer.
  • Start writing because you must take the first step. This is the most essential step and it’s the only way you going to learn how to write. You are likely to make mistakes; but with time, you get excellent skills.
  • Read other peoples articles and you will learn the tips to write quality articles. This will make you successful in article writing.