How To Be Get Paid For Writing Ebooks

One of the most lucrative online businesses is eBook writing. You do not have to even do this for yourself but instead you can choose to write eBooks for other people. This is a guaranteed form of income as you do not have to worry about sales of the eBook. Once you have completed the eBook, you are paid by the person who contracted you to do it for them. Here is how you can go about writing eBooks for other people.

The first thing you should have is a portfolio on your writing. This is just a basic folder that has samples of your work. This could range from articles you have had published or even excerpts from your blog. The bottom line is that you should have something tangible that potential clients can read so that they are confident ion your writing skills. If you happen to not have a portfolio with writing samples. You can choose to write a short eBook that will work as a portfolio for you.

The next thing would be to do your research online and find all the websites that have posted jobs for eBook writers. Send in applications to all the jobs vacancies you can find. The more the better as this will come in handy when you start vetting for the best offers. Shortlist all the websites that get back to you with the highest rates for paying. There are also sites that will require you to bid on how much you are willing to be paid. The re are many people bidding in these sites as well so you need to take care that you do not quote the least amount of money that it does not even enable you make a living. They may not pick you since you have a high bid but you should let your work speak for itself.

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