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The Importance of SEO Content Writing in Twitter

Tuesday 10 December 2013 @ 12:56 pm

There are many companies that are in need of SEO writing services to market their products and to increase the subscribers and visitors in their websites. Since Twitter is considered one of the most popular social networking sites in the Internet, it is being utilized in SEO writing nowadays to directly achieve the basic objectives of this kind of writing. This article will explain the relevance of SEO writing in Twitter.

Five reasons in using Twitter for your articles

  1. Increases traffic to your website – Because Twitter is a very influential site, you can take advantage of its many subscribers to create traffic on your site and even create your own fan page. By using your SEO content writing skills in your tweets, subscribers who have the same interest as yours will eventually follow you. You can use compelling keywords and topics which are related with what you do to increase your followers.
  2. Take advantage of the trending topics – In Twitter, you can determine which are the latest trending topics. It is wise to write about trending topics for many people to follow you and to make sure that the topic that you are writing is optimized in search engines. More so, you can be easily found when search in this website, even on major search engines like Google.
  3. Gain followers – If you write articles with good content that are essential to your type of industry, you can obtain followers. It does not only stop there as your followers can potentially acquire more followers. This can be done when some of your followers retweet your posts or even by just sharing your photos in their own Facebook pages.
  4. Experience fame – As you can gain more followers in Twitter, in return, you will also be popular and be a Twitter sensation. By using your writing skills and creating trendy topics, many people will admire you on Twitter.
  5. Be easily found –  Because millions of people visit Twitter every day for 24/7, your tweets can be easily found even on major search engines like Google and Bing because they value the website of Twitter. By just using the right keywords, your tweets can be ranked on top of Google search results.

Finding Cost Effective Copy Writer Or Product Description Writer

Saturday 7 December 2013 @ 12:57 pm

Even little things should not be ignored while the product description on a website because little things make a big difference in efficient technical information writing. Your writing should stand out and appeal to your customer so that they are persuaded to buy the products from you rather than your competitors. To convince a buyer into buying your product could be difficult and has to be done right. You need to clearly describe all the facts about the product such as the features and benefits through solid writing. The product description writer should be able to answer all questions a potential buyer may have.

Getting Product Description Writer

You should not think that getting a lot of money on a product description writer is a good idea. It is not necessarily better to spend more. On the other hand it is almost certain that hiring a cheap copy writer to write product descriptions will not prove to be a bargain in the long run either.

Things to Ask a Writer before Hiring

Apart from the quality of the writing, there are several other things that you should also keep in mind. Ask the below question in order to learn about the writer before hiring the services.

  • If you are hiring a team, ask about all their previous clients or projects, online and offline. Ask about how many team members they have and previous experiences. A professional writing service would typically have about few dozen writers. If a large team does not exist, or they cannot give you clear answers, chances are they are not professional.
  • Ask about their project management. If you are thinking about hiring a group of workers without a project manager look out!
  • Ask about the time frame. A professional writer should be able to give you an estimate of the time frame needed to deliver the finished product description writing, while an inexperienced writer might underestimate the delivery time greatly, and this might cause problems meeting deadlines later on.
  • Ask about error corrections. A professional service provider must have a predefined service policy for error handling. They are expected to do the job right the first time, and should fix it for free if errors are found or any modifications needed later on.

Why People Find It Hard To Be An eBook Writer?

Friday 6 December 2013 @ 12:38 pm

After seeing the rise in sales of eBooks many people who are already writer or blogger or none or both decide to be an electronic book writer. But most of those failed to get glory what they were expecting. There are many reasons behind this failure. And good news is most of those are easy to overcome. Many people are still dreaming to be writer of eBooks but the real questions is why just dreaming; they have to come one step further and write.

As being said earlier, there are some reasons of this failure.

  • People think that eBooks are same as paper books. In case of contents, YES, you can write same things or ideas on paper as well as in an eBook. But in case of format, NO,
  • There is a huge gap between being a traditional writer to eBook writer. Someone cannot do this except he/she is willing to do this.
  • While writing a paper book, a writer must only think about the purity of contents, original ideas and grabbing people attention. But a writer of ebook has to deal with variety of things to create a successful product.
  • It is a general opinion of experienced writers that the most difficult part is to choose an impressive title. Many publishing market encourage writers to give importance to their titles. Because this is the second thing (we will talk about first thing later) a potential user notices before buying or downloading the book.
  • Cover of the book is more important thing in the sale of a book or eBook. And this rule applies to other products too. Haven’t you noticed that a product with good packing, impressive colors and texture sells more than a product which lacks this quality?

Practice Makes a Man Perfect

This is a universal truth that practice makes a man (and woman too) perfect. So, if you have encountered a failure, don’t be disappoint and keep writing and publishing your books, but most important part is to never repeat the same mistakes again and again. Otherwise, eBook writing is a good career if you have writing skills.

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